Nice Weather May Provide Opportunity To See Mercury

April is almost over and May begins Friday. Over the past few years in writing this blog, I have certainly let on more about myself than just my forecasting qualities. I’m not sure how you feel about May arriving, but the rapidity of each year kind of freaks me out.

There’s so much I want and need to accomplish in my waking hours, yet it can feel like I only get about 3 minutes between waking up and going to sleep.

Spring seems to just move faster than the other months of the year. Perhaps it’s the changing landscape, which looks vastly different each day, providing me with the feeling the planet is spinning faster than the roughly 800 miles per hour it is in this part of the world. The speed of the earth around its axis gets even faster if you travel towards the equator, but is effectively zero at the top of the globe. Maybe I should move further north. Not that it really would matter; the whole planet is moving at a whopping 66,660 miles per hour around the sun, the seasons march on no matter what.

If it’s relatively clear at some point over the next week and you can get a good view of the western sky, you will be able to see the planet Mercury. Binoculars will certainly help, but if it’s dark enough this inner most planet is visible with the naked eye. The images below from will help you find Mercury.

earth sky tonight 428.jpg
mercury planet.jpg

Weather On Earth
The weather should cooperate tonight and at times over the weekend. I don’t perfectly clear skies in our future, rather we will have windows of clarity and hopefully some of these will coincide with the period after sunset when Mercury and even Venus are visible.


During the day look for increasing sunshine today and a relatively nice pair of days through Thursday. Clouds will be prevalent, but rainfall non-existent. On Friday, a storm will pass out to sea south of New England. The latest trends have the bulk of the rainfall remaining over the ocean. Those of you on Cape Cod or the islands might see a period of showers later Friday and Friday night before clearing returns Saturday. For the rest of us, the biggest impact from the ocean storm will be to provide a cool northeasterly flow of air. Temperatures on Friday will struggle in the 50s. I think Logan Airport might have a high of 51F or 52F that day.

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Warmer Weekend
Sunshine and milder air are in the forecast this weekend. It won’t be 100% sunny, but with highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s Saturday and in the mid to upper 60s Sunday, the weather looks great for all early May activities.

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