May Arrives Cool, But Warms This Weekend

May has arrived. I imagine if you had a lot of damage to your house during the winter, then the effects of the season are still lingering. However, with the leaves starting to take over and temperatures warming, the snow and cold of January, February and March are now fading into our collective memories.

Average Temperatures, But Dry Last Month
April is a transitional month. We really got by unscathed in terms of cold and snow. With almost an even mix of warm and cool days last month, temperatures have ended up exactly average. I don’t have the data for yesterday factored in and it really won’t matter more than a tiny amount, but as of the 29th, the temperature was spot on average.


Dry First Half Of Spring
Rainfall was fairly evenly scattered through the month, but in the end, we are running a deficit of over 30% since March 1st. This is somewhat significant and I would not be surprised of parts of southern New England are put in the abnormally dry condition category next week.


Now, this doesn’t mean we are in a drought, but it does mean you need to water newly seeded lawns a few minutes each and if you have moved any trees or shrubs, it’s a good idea to be sure the soil is evenly moist.

Some towns will likely institute water restrictions early, if they haven’t already if the lack of rainfall continues through May. You can file this under the category notable, but nothing more. A wet second half of May or June (I hope not), can erase these deficits very quickly.

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What To Expect In May
Daylight continues to increase this month, we gain about an hour of daylight with more light across northern New England. By the time we reach the end of the month the sunrise will be occurring around 5AM, just about 5 minutes later than the earliest sunrises of mid-June. I know for some of you the morning light is too early, but I love getting up at 4:30, walking the dogs at 5AM, and being done with that part of the day over 2 hours earlier than in December.

one more hour of light to go.png

Wind Matters
Our wind direction will help determine just how warm or cold it is in May. The chart below shows that May often brings a westerly wind. Wind direction is where it comes from, not where it’s going (opposite of how we drive). A west wind is a dry wind and usually brings comfortable air to the area. Conversely, an easterly wind would come off Boston harbor and bring with it cool and damp conditions. If you want early heat and humidity, hope for a southwest wind.

mostly a west wind in may.png

Weekend Forecast
This weekend will feature dry conditions. It’s going to be mildest inland as any sea breeze won’t be able to penetrate very far. There might be some clouds early in the morning, but generally the afternoons are looking sunny. Temperatures will range from near 60F along the immediate coast to lower 70s as you head west towards and beyond Route 495. Enjoy the first weekend of May, it’s a magical month.

highs sunday may32015.png

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