Cooler Afternoon, But Possible Beach Weather Sunday

I know some of you just want the straight weather with no additions, so here it is. The non-commentary weather forecast would tell you it’s a sunny day ahead with cooler air headed down the coastline from Maine, you can then decide if you like the change or not. The warmest part of the day has already occurred for the northeast corner of the area.

highs friday 58123.png

Already as I write, places like Rockport have seen the wind turn to the east as marine air flows inland. Speaking of areas inland, it will be another warm day today. Yesterday it reached 90 degrees in my yard and this was too much heat too early for my plants and for me to handle. I am glad there is going to be a break in the heat, even for a day.


Fronts that move from the east to the west are called back-door cold fronts. These fronts are pushed by cool ocean air, which is heavier than the warmer air.

Temperatures from Boston north have already reached or will shortly reach their highs for the day. Inland, west of Route 495, it will approach 80 degrees before the cool air knocks temperatures back later this afternoon.

Weekend Forecast
Early Saturday isn’t going to be a great day in terms of sunshine. However, as the day progresses the sun will break the through the clouds. If you are thinking of heading the beach tomorrow keep in mind temperatures will be cool and the clouds and even fog along the water could hold on well into the afternoon.

Predicting exactly when the stratus clouds will burn off isn’t an exact science. I’ll tweet about the clearing tomorrow morning on Twitter @growingwisdom.

Sunday is an even warmer day with temperatures in the 80s inland and 70s along the coast. I don’t think we will have the issue with the coastal fog and clouds so it’s likely a better beach day. It’s also Mother’s Day and a good afternoon to head to Lilac Sunday in the Arnold Arboretum. This annual event attracts a lot of people, but it well worth it.


Developing Drought

drought 8515.jpg

The lack of rain becomes a bit more noticeable each day. While there are showers in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday, it doesn’t appear much in the way of rainfall will occur.


The 10-day precipitation forecast (above) for the area has less than half an inch of rain falling. If this forecast holds it would mean less than an inch of rain will have fallen in about a month. At that point, I suspect the drought index would have us in a moderate drought.

Severe Weather
The lack of rain does mean a lack of severe weather in this part of the country. However, there is still a high risk of severe weather today across the southern plains. These areas have seen quite a bit of thunderstorm activity this week. There is the chance of tornadoes once again.

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