Memorial Day weekend forecast looking good

The sun has been up for over 3 hours as I start the Friday morning blog of Memorial Day weekend. These weekends are notorious for not being perfect. Late May is typically not a completely warm or dry time of year. The fact the weekend is coming somewhat early makes lowers the likelihood of an entirely warm weekend further. However, odds are not perfect and the upcoming holiday weekend will be better than many.

The overall pattern looks like this. A pool of chilly air will be with us tonight through tomorrow. This means clear skies and crisp temperatures, especially tonight. Sunday brings a warmer and sunny day, my pick for the weekend. Monday is a transitional day with warmer and more humid air trying to push north, this will bring an increase in cloudiness, but any rain should hold off until Tuesday or even Tuesday night.

Skies have cleared in many spots and an abundance of sunshine is in the forecast. Highs will reach the lower 70s and with low humidity this will be a very nice day to get outside. If you only have 30 minutes around noontime why not at least try to get a walk in? When I was in the corporate world, I use to eat lunch in my cube while I worked so I could take a walk during my official break.

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Some of you have been concerned about frost later tonight and early Saturday. While not impossible to see in isolated spots inside of Route 495, for the most part any frost early Saturday will be confined to western and northern New England. Even without the frost it’s going to be cool so grab the extra blanket.

saturday am 52315.png

It’s going to start cool tomorrow, but sunny. It’s not going to be day to lie in the sun at the beach, but it will be a great day to walk on the beach, garden, golf, play soccer, go for a run, clean the garage, bike, hike or just read a book in a hammock. The chance of rain is zero.


This is my pick of the weekend. The combination of sunshine and warmer air will make this the best day of the weekend. Truth be told, I will like Saturday better because I don’t like warm air, but that’s just a personal thing and more of you will like Sunday because it will be warmer, figure 75-80 degrees. The chance of rain is zero.

Memorial Day
The jury is still out a bit on Monday. It will be a bit cloudier, but still there will be some sunshine. I think temperatures will be similar to Sunday, mostly in the upper 70s. I don’t foresee any rain. Is there a chance a shower could crop up late in the day, sure, but it’s highly unlikely.


Next week
I’ve been forecasting a period of heat and humidity next week for several days. While not everyone will see 90 degrees, I think there will be a swath of very warm readings from the Connecticut River Valley around Hartford up through western York and Cumberland Counties in Maine. This heat might be accompanied by a few showers, but right now any rain looks very light as much of the area is poised to have one the driest months of May on record.

Have a great weekend.

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