Warmer and mostly a dry week ahead for southern New England

Although it’s been a cool weekend, sunshine has prevailed for much of the time. Temperatures inland have reached the 70s, while if you live nearer the water it hasn’t been out of the 60s.

This summer, each Sunday, I will be blogging about the upcoming weather for the week ahead. Weather is more critical to many of you during the summer so I’ll give you an idea of what to expect. Remember, the further out in time the forecast, the less reliable it will be.

Monday brings more in the way of clouds, but still some sunshine. It will be a bit warmer along the coast with highs in the lower 70s. I don’t expect you will see any rain keeping both commutes dry.


Humidity will come back with a bite on Tuesday along with a period of showers. We are only going to see about a tenth of an inch of rainfall which isn’t very much. This means most of the day is actually rain free and there could be some periods of sunshine. Highs get well into the 70s, but it will feel warmer with the humidity. I’ll likely end up with the air conditioning on for Tuesday night because the air will stay sticky well into the evening.

Here’s a warm and sunny day with highs around 80 degrees for many. Cape Cod and the Islands will be cooler, but even there the weather will be good for heading to the beach. Low tide this week will occur around noon. It will be a few hours before early in the week and then a few hours after later in the week. This puts high tide just after sunrise and just before sunset.


Another good day, but as a cold front passes the area I think we could see a quick shower. It remains warm and noticeable levels of humidity. Highs will be in the mid-80s.


More sunshine and warm air continues. Thinking about the week overall, this is our warmest week since The one beginning with Memorial Day weekend and then eventually ending with the early June chill. The sunrise and sunset are both at their earliest times for the next few weeks so take advantage of the over 9 hours of daylight.

Saturday and Sunday
Presently the weekend ahead brings sunshine and clouds with temperatures in the upper 70s to lower 80s. The evenings look particularly nice with temperatures holding in the lower 70s until a couple of hours after dark.

Possible issues
A frontal system to the south of New England could come closer than expected and spoil some of the upcoming weekend, but the trend has been to keep it dry. Speaking of dry, after this 7 day period of mostly dry weather, many areas will return to or remain in moderate drought conditions.

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