Great beach weather today leads to a mostly good weather week for vacationers

When you take a summer vacation you want great weather. I don’t know of anyone leaving work for a week and says “I hope it rains for the next 7 days.” In July, the odds of having a week of clouds and showers are slim, but it has happened before. If this is your week of not seeing the boss, you have picked well. The next two days are especially nice, with wonderful beach weather.

beach weather.png

Most areas average about 18-20 days of sunny or partly sunny conditions this month, this is why July is such a great vacation time of the year.


Coastal areas have not reached 90 degrees as of yet and while there’s an outside shot inland cities and town will get close Monday, nearly all of us will remain under that psychological marker.

Humidity, which in many ways impacts how we all feel this time of the year more than the temperature will be kept in check today and tomorrow, but increase to high levels on Tuesday and Wednesday before falling back somewhat by the end of the week.

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July is, on average, our most humid month, so you can expect quite a number of days where you really notice the moisture in the air. The chart below gives us a lot of information about the upcoming weather tomorrow and Tuesday. The green line in the top box is the dew point. Notice how the dew point jumps during the morning Tuesday into the mid to upper 60s. This is a sign of a warm front coming through ushering the increasingly moist air.

humidity this week.png

Obviously the clouds mean Tuesday won’t be as bright as the next two days, and there is the chance of a shower with the warm front. If it does rain Tuesday, it will be brief and not amount to much.


Tuesday night will be uncomfortable because there will be a lot of moisture in the air and low temperatures won’t go much below 70 degrees. In the suburbs, temperatures will fall to the mid to upper 60s by morning, still on the warm side.

Wednesday brings a warm and humid day with a blend of clouds and sunshine. It’s going to feel very sticky, and, with all the humidity and a cold front passing through, there will be showers and thunderstorms developing in the afternoon. If we get enough sunshine, it will be in the upper 80s. If the clouds hold a few hours longer through the day, it will only reach the lower and middle 80s.

The front should clear the area for Thursday and Friday with a return to somewhat drier, but warm air. The forecast could change to a cloudier regime if the front doesn’t get far enough away. For example, if the front got stuck along the south coast, then there would be more in the way of cloudiness and even the chance of showers. I’ll be looking for signs of this on the models over the next two days.

I’ll leave you will this interesting tidbit. Today ends the longest month (30-day period) of greatest daylight, and begins the longest month (30-day period) of highest temperatures. Enjoy!

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