Storms miss most areas this evening

“Not much of a breeze today” would be one description of the afternoon weather. With quite a bit of humidity in the air, the lack of air movement makes it feel even warmer. We of course haven’t had a lot of hot and humid days this summer and with meteorological summer two-thirds over on Friday, the opportunities for long periods of heat are going to wane.

The closing days of July will be typically hot. While the average temperature today is in the lower 80s, we will see readings in the mid-80s or perhaps some upper 80s inland. This is still within the typical range for this time of year, although it is at the higher end. If you review all the July 28ths since the late 1800s, you will find 13 percent of them have recorded a reading of 90 degrees or higher. We won’t get to that level of heat today, but it will turn hotter tomorrow and Thursday when upper 80s and lower 90s are likely.

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There is not just one reason for the cooler than typical summer we have seen so far. It’s likely a combination of El Nino, cooler north Atlantic Ocean water, and a warmer pool of water off the northwest coast of the United States. Each of these variables has an impact on the global weather pattern. But how this plays out here in New England is quite different than other parts of the country.

There are storms forming as I write this. Some over central Maine have been severe as has a cluster north of Springfield, Massachusetts. I expect there to be thunderstorms in some locations throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening well before about 8 p.m. Some of the storms could contain frequent lightning and even hail. Of course, with the humidity so high, torrential downpours are also likely to be a part of these storms. Most of you will stay dry.

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Wednesday looks like one of the hotter days of the summer with highs in the mid-90s inland, cooler along the coastm and abundant sunshine. I’ll remove the chance of storms tomorrow from the forecast. If you want to head to the beach, it should be nearly ideal day. Thursday is similar with just a slight risk of one of those pop-up storms. Humidity will be very high, and it will be a tough day to be working outside.


Drier, but still warm, air returns for Friday with nearly 100 percent of the possible sunshine. The weekend is presently looking really wonderful with warm temperatures and moderate levels of humidity.

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