Boston reached 90 again with showers coming, but has it really been a hot month?

I write a lot about perspective in my blog entries and my thoughts about how we all perceive the weather so differently. Yesterday, I got a tweet about what a humid summer it’s been and another asking when the heat would end. Just a few hot days this summer and some folks already want it over. While this hasn’t been a record cool July, it hasn’t been very warm and the number of days we’ve reached 90 is slightly below the average of 5.

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Power Of The Sea Breeze
Yesterday, Boston almost didn’t even hit 90 degrees. It wasn’t until the 5 p.m hour when the wind shifted from the east to the west that the hot air was able to make it to Logan Airport. While the past few days have been warm, it’s not excessive and we still have yet to record our first heat wave of the season. Last summer there were no heat waves the entire time.

Past July 30ths
Here’s an interesting look at past July 30ths. If I query all the July 30ths since 1872, we find 17% of the time it reached 90 or higher on this date.


Looking at today’s date since 1990 the percentage of 90 degree or higher readings falls to 10 percent and if I do the same query for the past 15 years, the number falls further to only 7% of the time.


This exercise in numbers doesn’t prove a thing, but it is interesting to note your chances for a 90 degree day on today’s date have decreased over the past few decades.

As I write this, a southerly wind at Logan Airport isn’t enough to prevent that climate site from reaching 90 again today. I don’t expect Boston will go much higher the rest of the afternoon.


Tropical Downpours
What is very high is the humidity and this is making it feel even warmer than it is. This amount of moisture in the air is going to raise the prospect of heavy downpours this afternoon and evening. Already we see a line of showers and embedded storms pushing east through New York State. I expect this area of showers to impact some of the evening commute, especially over western areas of metro Boston.

showers comr4761.gif

While it is humid and there is a cold front, there hasn’t been any severe weather associated with this transition between air masses. Severe weather needs more than just a front and humid air and the other ingredients aren’t present enough.

The rain could be heavy enough to create ponding of water on some roadways and this is what may impact the commute home. I usually pull over if the rain gets too bad, it’s not worth wrecking my car to get home 5 minutes faster.

Drier, But Still Warm
I expect the showers to end during the evening as drier air filters through southern New England. Tomorrow, while it will turn less humid, will still be on the hot side.

Temperatures should make it near 90 degrees and without much shade from clouds it will feel quite hot.

While the weekend and first half of next week feature very warm and at times humid summer weather, I still see the pattern changing later next week and beyond to a cooler and less hot one. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any more heat the rest of August, but it does look like we won’t have any extended official heat waves for a while.

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