High humidity and showers highlight the weekend forecast

What about the weekend? That’s the big question I am getting over the past few days. The reality is the second to last weekend in August isn’t going to provide us with a bright blue sky and seasonably warm temperatures. However, it’s not going to be a total washout either. I believe one of the best ways to describe this weekend, simply unsettled.

Today could very well turn out to be one of the wetter of the next three days for some of us. I started working on this entry this morning and after being distracted by breakfast, a dog walk, some email and random web surfing over an inch and a half of rain had fallen at my house. I posted some short video on Twitter @growingwisdom of the heavy rain.


There’s a lot going on meteorologically this weekend and for sun worshipers, it’s not looking great. The satellite loop below is from this morning. There are some interesting things we can learn from watching this loop. I put a still image under the loop and circled the points of interest.

visible animation.gif
tropical moisture 8213.png

To our west, there is a cold front. This front isn’t ever really going to pass through, rather it’s going to sit over us this weekend and eventually wash out. This term means the air on each side of the front, while different now, will merge together and leave us with one humid air mass.

Fronts “wash out” when the push of air behind the front isn’t very strong. As they slow down the boundary between the two air masses becomes less and less defined. The boundary doesn’t entirely disappear, but can act as a focal point for showers. This is the problem this weekend. As the cold front to our west inches eastward this will increase the chances for showers in eastern New England.

Another factor in the forecast is an area of low pressure around Bermuda. Moisture from this system can be pulled northward into our area as it interacts with the cold front. Even some of the heavy downpours this morning may have some tropical connection.


Tomorrow with the frontal boundary in the vicinity I expect showers and even thunderstorms to be present on and off all day. It won’t rain everywhere all the time, but if you do get showers they will be heavy and with all the moisture in the air, everything is going to be wet. There may be some breaks of sunshine and it will be warm and humid. If there isn’t thunder, the kids will be fine going swimming, but field and golf games might be difficult with the wet surfaces.

The weather continues unsettled and we will need to watch the offshore tropical low’s moisture carefully. The upper level flow may bring some of that tropical moisture northwest into New England. These set-ups can produce several inches of rain in a short period of time. Will you see any sunshine on Sunday? The answer is a bit, but it won’t be much.

tropical moisture 821343.png

The start of the work week with feature a day of continued high humidity, showers and even some thunderstorms with some tropical downpours at times.

A stronger cold front will push the humidity out to sea during the day and into the evening. This will bring an end to this pattern as much drier air greets New Englanders for the middle of next week.

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