Drier air arrives Wednesday with a stretch of beach weather ahead

The dry air is coming, the dry air is coming. You are going to have to wait one more night however. I wanted to put out an updated blog for the changing conditions over the next 24 hours and also to write about the beach weather we are going to have as we close out August.

A cold front will very slowly move across New England overnight, passing off the coast on Wednesday. Behind this system it will turn drier, but not very cool. There has been unusually chilly air across the upper Great Lakes the past several days, but this air will never make it to New England. Instead a flow of warm dry air will ensue behind the weather system and give New Englanders a warm send up into September.

The cold front that will indeed sweep away the humidity has produced showers and thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon and evening, but these continue to remain well west of the coastal plain. There is the chance of showers throughout the night, but as the sun’s energy leaves, the opportunity for thunderstorms will diminish significantly. If you did get a shower overnight it would likely be briefly heavy.


Warm End To Meteorological Summer

August is the final month of meteorological summer and as such is still a warm month. It’s polar opposite cousin February, is the final month of meteorological winter. Each of these two months can exhibit a taste of the following season. In August’s case, we can have some cool crisp nights at the end of the month and in February we can enjoy some milder days giving us hope of the spring ahead. Each year is of course different, last February was cold the entire time and this August is not going to go out on a cool note.


The weather patter beginning Wednesday will feature high pressure and lots of dry, but warm air. This pattern is going to continue for a week or more and will lead us into September on a warm and perhaps even hot note. I would not be surprised if inland areas reach 90 again late in the weekend or early next week.

August is averaging about 2 degrees above average and this number will grow, not decrease in the coming days. The 30 year average for high temperatures has now fallen in the upper 70s. Remember, that average is made of some final weeks of August which are quite cool and others which are quite hot and in some cases humid.

You can find final weeks of August when the highs reached well into the 90s with lots of humidity and other years when it was quite cool. This year you will likely remember the heat in the closing days of August and perhaps how much your kids complained about during the first few days of school.

Erika Moves West

erika heats up414124.gif

Tropical Storm Erika continues to move west towards the United States and will be in a position east of Florida this weekend. It doesn’t appear this will grow into a major hurricane, but it still poses a threat to the Bahamas and the southeastern United States. More updates in the coming days on Erika here and on my Twitter account @growingwisdom

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