Scattered evening storms after a mostly dry day and watching Tropical Storm Erika

As I begin the morning blog, we still have about 36 hours of humidity to deal with, although you’ll start to feel the difference in the air during the day Wednesday.

This morning there are some showers and storms in the western part of New England, but the movement of these is more to the north with not as much push to the east. The reason for this is the frontal system bring the showers is making progress east at a slow pace. Notice some of the warmer red colors in the image loop below. These are heavier downpours and during the day they will continue to inch towards Boston.

morning rain3124.gif

The future radar which takes us through 6 p.m. this evening indicates the progress of the front won’t be rapid. Even by this evening, Boston may not have seen any showers. Now this is just one radar prediction and with so much humidity in the air I would at least plan for the chance of a shower during the day, but they certainly won’t be wid espread in eastern Massachusetts or eastern New England.

front slow to move 31.gif

The slow movement of the front to the coastline will allow the humidity to linger about 12 hour longer than I expected back on Sunday. This means one more uncomfortable night tonight and it will feel rather muggy Wednesday morning. As the hours progress tomorrow, the dew points will lower and the air will feel better.


I’ll refer you to the chart below, which shows basic elements of our weather over the next two days. We can see how the dew point remains well into the 60s even around noon tomorrow, but then finally trails off to below 60 degrees in the evening. A 60 degree dew point is about the number most of us start to feel the air is no longer what we consider muggy. As the number falls into the 50s, it will feel great by Thursday morning.

coming weather 42134.png

Stretch of Beach Weather
Although tomorrow is somewhat muggy, there will also be an abundance of sunshine and warm temperatures. This pattern of sunshine and dry weather will remain with us for much of the upcoming five to seven-day period meaning the upcoming weekend will be ideal.


Our final weekend of August should feature fabulous beach weather along with comfortable levels of humidity. It may turn a bit more humid early next week, but I don’t see a return to a 10-day pattern of this type of weather. The map below shows Monday’s high temperatures.

momnday 31 highs 3214.png

Tropical Storm Erika

We have a new tropical storm on the map this morning. Named Erika, the storm is taking a similar path to Danny before her. But unlike Danny, this storm will continue to gain or maintain strength as it moves westward. This particular storm will get close to the United States and certainly bears watching.


The current forecast from the National Hurricane Center takes Erika towards Puerto Rico and Hispaniola later this week and near the Bahamas this weekend.

erika heats up414.gif

It’s just too early to know right now what impacts Tropical Storm Erika may bring to the eastern Caribbean or anywhere else, but you’ll definitely be hearing about her in the news for a while.

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