Patriots Nation may get wet during season opener

After everything that has gone on with Patriots and their fans for nine months, it’s time to get back to the business of actually playing football and not talking about it.

Tonight is the both the season opener in Foxboro and the first game of the regular season. Of course, if you are not a Patriots fan you might not care about the game, but the weather will still affect you. I’m going to be Foxboro-centric for this blog, but you’ll get the general idea wherever you are.

Tailgating this evening before the game means traffic headed to the stadium will be heavy. This also means if we add in some rain it will be worse. I can’t possibly predict if there will be a downpour during your commute home, but you should know there will be around the area.

A cold front has passed, but it is stuck to our south and east. The fact that the front has stalled is going to allow areas of rain to ride up along the front and keep the opportunity for showers in the forecast this evening into tomorrow morning. These situations are tough to forecast because one downpour at the wrong time will create a wet mess rather quickly, even if it’s dry for hours on either side of it.

Possible break
The image loop below shows one forecast of the radar based on one model. What’s significant here is the rain area this afternoon moves north and leaves a large break over much of eastern southern New England this evening. This would keep the game mainly dry. Other models leave more showers in the area throughout this time period. No models indicate steady rain for the entire evening. Let me break it down for you below. The maps used are courtesy of WeatherBell Analytics.

loop this evening.gif

4 to 6 p.m.
The evening commute will feature elements of rain and some heavier downpours over much of the area. During this time there will be a lull in the action developing to the south. The question for forecasters will be if this lull becomes large enough to stop the rainfall all together or just leaves scattered showers.


I’ll update the forecast here and on Twitter @growingwisdom for the game. Please follow me there.