One more day of very warm temperatures before it turns cooler

The early morning hours feature mild air, a bit of humidity and some ground fog. The fog can be quite thick before the sun helps heat the air. Eventually the fog burns off and leaves most areas with mostly sunny skies.

Along Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket as well as parts of the south coast low clouds and fog may continue to keep the sun limited throughout the afternoon. The dew points are in the lower 60s today and will creep a bit higher before falling again tomorrow.

Temperatures this afternoon will exceed averages by 5-8 degrees. This isn’t as warm as the past couple of days, but it’s still going to feel like summer. High tides today is around 4 pm, that puts low tide around 10 am. If you need to know the exact times of the tide, check your local tide chart.


Tomorrow morning there might be a quick sprinkle or shower. The rain will be negligible. I don’t expect any significant rain through the next 10 days. This continues to exacerbate the drought conditions.

You can thank the cold front for the sprinkles tomorrow morning. This front marks the beginning of cooler and much drier air. It’s finally going to feel like September and not July. Highs this time year average in the low to mid 70s and that’s exactly where we are going to find them much of the upcoming week.

Tropical Storm
There is a tropical storm in the far eastern Atlantic. Ida will continue to move west and then eventually curve to the north. It’s a factor for shipping, but it’s not a very strong storm. The hurricane season remains quite tranquil with very little hurricane activity and certainly nothing that has threated the northeast or anywhere in the United States.


The long range outlook continues the same pattern we have seen. Temperatures continue to be predicted above normal into October and precipitation below. The two maps below are from the long-range predicting arm of NOAA. These folks put out the 8-14 day outlook regularly and once again it looks warm.

very warm.gif

Remember, temperatures 10 degrees above average in early October put us in the upper 70s, as opposed to 10 degrees above average when September begins when it would be in the upper 80s.


The precipitation outlook also continues the same dry pattern into October.

dry dry dry.gif

The warm weather and lack of rain are likely going to affect the fall foliage season. It will still be colorful, but this type of pattern doesn’t produce our most colorful years. If it becomes too dry, the leaves tend to fall off before achieving the most brilliant colors.


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