Great fall weather heading into the weekend while historic flooding continues to our south

A better series of days is on the way with sunshine and pleasantly mild air. The persistent northeast flow of air is finally relaxing and although there are still high surf advisories along much of the Maine coast, the seas are relaxing. High pressure is in control now and will remain so for most of the week.

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My pick days of this week are tomorrow and Wednesday. Each of those days features a lot of sunshine and a warming trend. It’s likely going to reach 70 degrees on Wednesday for a truly stunning fall day.

Foliage Reports

The foliage has been slow to change this year a combination of dry conditions and warmer than average weather in September. All of the reports from the different networks are reporting the color is 7 to 10 days late and not as brilliant as last year. Colder weather this weekend along with some rain has brought on more color and the change will accelerate this week and into the weekend.


The maps below give you an idea of where the peak foliage is occurring. Notice how little of the area is under peak conditions, but by the weekend more and more color will be evident.

foliage networ report 201421.gif

Columbus Day Weekend

It’s a holiday weekend for many of us with Monday being Columbus Day. This is traditionally a very big weekend for getting out and doing fall activities and the weather is going to cooperate. There will be a cold front passing the region Friday through early Saturday. This front will usher in cooler air (compared to the middle of this week) and also bring a few showers. I believe the timing of the front is such; any shower will be over by Saturday morning and leave us with a nice weekend.


There may be some lingering cloudiness and a quick shower early Saturday if the front slows down at all and that would be the only foul weather issue. The timing of the front will become clearer as we head into the weekend.

Carolina Floods
The rain in South Carolina is as stunning to me as the winter snow we saw here this past season. Many of the records around the Charleston area read so similarly to the way our snowfall records fell in January and February.

flooding sc f256recprdsd.png

What’s so noteworthy is how many of these records fell in this event. Flooding is going to be an issue for up to a week or more as it takes several days for all the water to make it to some of the larger rivers and then for those rivers to react.

flooding sc f256.png

While hurricane Joaquin didn’t play a direct role in all this rain, it did aid in the funneling of the atmospheric river. The rain isn’t over in that part of the Atlantic Seaboard yet. I expect heavy rain to continue in North Carolina for today before finally ending tomorrow. If your travel plans call for heading to that region, make sure you call ahead.

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