Windy, warm, and wet Wednesday night weather

There’s a real treat on the way in terms of temperatures and much-needed rainfall. And while the final days of October are upon us and the clocks will soon to return to standard time, a 70-degree afternoon is one day away. It’s hard to imagine Halloween will be over on Sunday, as the page turns to the month of Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving.

Less and Less Light
Daylight and the sun’s strength are growing shorter and weaker each day. You’ll have to wait until mid-February before we see a sun this strong again. But there is still warmth to the south and this will be drawn northward into New England overnight and during the first part of Thursday. You’ll be reminded of summer tomorrow morning before that air is shunted out to sea late in the day.


The remnants of what was once Hurricane Patricia have combined with a piece of energy in the jet stream. This weather system contains both moisture and high winds. As a matter of fact it’s really the wind which you’ll be talking about overnight and during Thursday.

wind advisory114667.png

There is a wind advisory posted for eastern areas. If there are power outages they would be scattered. Some areas along the coast will see winds in excess of 40 miles per hour.

wind warning mass spot.png

Wind and rain is the enemy of foliage. I do suspect by Friday morning you’ll notice a change in the landscape as many leaves, especially west of Route 128 and north of the Mass Turnpike, will be gone.


There is a coastal flood advisory for the high tide cycle overnight. Any flooding would be minor and basically involve splash-over.

coastal flood advistory3214.png

The actual storm center will move into Canada and swing through a series of frontal systems through Thursday evening. The rain will overspread the area later this afternoon, but especially overnight. Winds will increase and you’ll notice the humidity rise along with the temperatures. For many of you it will be warmer outside than inside tomorrow morning and the windows might fog up with the rapid increase in warmth and moisture.

Rain Ends Early
After the rain ends Thursday morning, there will be a long period of dry weather, and as the sun breaks through the clouds, I do expect temperatures to reach the lower 70s. If you haven’t put your hoses away yet, this is a good time to do it as they are much easier to curl in the warm weather.


The average high will be 73 degrees tomorrow. The map below shows just how warm many areas will be tomorrow.

highs 1042134r5.png

Patriots Game
If you are tailgating tomorrow, it will very warm with temperatures well into the 60s. At kickoff it might still be near 60 degrees and even in the lower 50s at the final whistle. A stray shower early can’t be ruled out, but it’s mostly a dry game.

Friday is sunny, seasonably mild and dry. Look for a day similar to yesterday and Monday without the cold start.

Halloween 2015 Weather
This year the weather is about as much a non-factor as it can be during the final hours of October. I expect temperatures to gently fall from the lower 50s to the 40s throughout the evening, but with clear skies and dry roads there shouldn’t be any issues. The moon is still about 80% full, but doesn’t rise until around 9:30. This means it’s going to be quite dark by 6:30, so as always be careful driving about.


Temperatures will be average to above average for the first half of November. This means no snow in the forecast for now.

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