Snow ending after midnight in Boston, over a foot across Cape Cod

Evening Update
The snow will be ending overnight after a wide range of snowfall totals across the region. As I have been mentioning all week, a shift of 20-50 miles would impact totals a great deal and indeed Boston has seen much more snow than the 4 inches predicted. However, this was always a possibility in such a dynamic and intense storm. The storm has such an intense gradient of snowfall within 20 miles snowfall increases dramatically.


Late Afternoon Update
Snow has overspread much of the area from around the Massachusetts Turnpike northward this afternoon. Already a few inches have fallen across the south coast with around an inch in Metro west. The snow will be steadiest this evening and end around Midnight in Boston. After that the line will continue progressing south towards Cape Cod.

I am leaving the snow fall projections the same for now, but they could go higher so stay tuned. I increased them over the extreme south coast/islands. Remember snowfall is highly variable and your town could be an inch or two out of the range, but generally these numbers give a good idea of the type of storm we are having.

Morning Update
A strong coastal nor’easter continues to develop and move east-northeastward today. There is little doubt it will be a crippling storm for the mid-Atlantic region and New York City. But in southern New England, this will be a more typical snowstorm with the greatest impact across the south coast, Cape Cod and Islands.

storm blizzards 45125.gif

The tight gradient of light to heavy snow remains my biggest concern, and until the storm has ended, I won’t be entirely comfortable with the snowfall predictions.
I’ll update the snowfall map again if conditions change. Remember, there are ranges on snowfall totals, you could be on the low or higher side depending on your exact location.

You’ve likely noticed the snow numbers have inched up the past 48 hours, but the northern fringe of the storm hasn’t move much. Logan Airport still looks to see one to three maybe four inches, but you won’t have to drive very far south to see more snow.


To the south of Boston, especially on a line from roughly Plymouth to Providence, Rhode Island, the snow will be heaviest. In this area travel will be more difficult late this afternoon and overnight, and it’s here where the snow will last the longest.

You can expect the snow to progress north during the day. Once it does start to fall steadily, it will quickly stick to the roads. Travel around Boston will be slow this evening, but passable throughout this storm. I would not recommend travel later this afternoon and overnight along the south coast, Cape Cod and the Islands. This will give the plow crews a chance to clear the roads.

The first inch of snow should be on the ground at Logan by 5 p.m this evening. There will be some light snow this afternoon, but the steadiest is overnight before midnight.

Coastal Flooding
For those of you living along the coast, expect the typical winds and coastal flooding we experience during a strong nor’easter. Winds will gust near 50 miles per hour at times, and there will be minor coastal flooding around the 11 p.m Saturday and 11 a.m. Sunday high tides. Shore roads that typically flood in minor coastal flooding situations will see water, but this isn’t going to be a storm where we see homes collapsing into the ocean.

winds sunday2341.jpg

Power issues
The snow will be heavier and wetter where along the south coast. When you have strong winds and wet snow there can be power outages and tree damage. I recommend having your loss of power plans ready in these areas. Most of the region will not see power outages, as the snow is going to be light and fluffy and winds won’t be intense.


Travel conditions
Here in southern New England the snow will be clear quite quickly Sunday. However, airports and highways across the Mid-Atlantic will not fare as well. Rail lines, tarmacs and interstates are going to take two or more days to return to normal.

Next week we’ll enjoy a couple of dry and mainly sunny days with above average temperatures Monday and Tuesday.

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