Weekend weather: What you need to know for every activity you have planned

Neither Saturday nor Mother's Day will be a washout, but showers are possible.

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To say this hasn’t been a good weather week would be quite the understatement. Since the sun went into hiding this past Sunday, we haven’t really seen any of it. To make matters worse, temperatures are running so cold that it feels like the middle of March, not close to the second week of May.

Overall, the pattern still looks quite gloomy, but there will be some breaks in the clouds and days with warmer temperatures and sunshine early next week. For the weekend, Saturday should be the day with the lowest chance of showers; however, some of you will likely still see some rain, especially early. The timing of the showers for Sunday could change, but morning seems like it will be the wettest period.

If you’re going hiking, biking, or running…


I am considering going hiking on Saturday, and I know I am going to have to dress in layers. When the sun pops out, it will feel much warmer than the the air temperature, likely in the upper 50s Saturday afternoon.  If there is a quick shower, it will become chilly. Overnight temperatures will remain in the 40s Saturday night into Sunday morning.

The risk of showers increases on Sunday morning. If it’s dry when you get up, there will likely be a period of showers through early afternoon. The second part of the day looks to be the best. Any rain could be briefly heavy, but some areas may see little or no rain at all.

If you’re going beaching and boating…

From the North Shore to Maine: This isn’t a great beach weekend, per se, but it is the weekend with the highest tides of the month. For those of you putting in rafts and boats, this is a good weekend to get that chore done. The higher water levels during high tide make moving heavy docks a lot easier! Showers are likely Sunday morning after 10 a.m., and while there’s a chance of them on Saturday, it generally appears to be a dry day.


From the South Shore to Cape Cod: Easterly winds on Saturday flip to the south on Sunday before shifting to the west late in the day. The showers on Sunday may be mostly concentrated to the north.

If you’re playing soccer, softball, baseball, or golf…

Saturday’s forecast: Fields will likely have wet grass, as will the golf courses. Putting greens will be slower in the morning due to the heavy droplets on the grass. Some of the morning games might be affected by showers. Temperatures will be in the 50s along the coast and in the lower 60s inland.

Sunday’s outlook: The showers appear to be timed for the morning to early afternoon.  Since the showers will be moving west to east, those of you in the western part of New England could see the showers as early as 7 a.m with the eastern parts of the region seeing the rain come to an end late in the morning or early afternoon.

If you’re gardening…

The moisture this week will definitely help things grow. It’s likely we are done with frost for the spring. Therefore, this will be a good weekend to put houseplants back outside. Remember: Plants get burned in the strong sunshine, so be careful. Even if the sun pops out for a few hours Sunday afternoon, that can be enough to damage tender leaves.

If you’re running errands…

Saturday will have some showers in the morning, but we will enjoy dry weather for the most part, so you can leave the umbrella in the car. Sunday morning, an area of showers will cross the region and some of the showers could be briefly heavy and create some puddles on the roads. The showers will exit southeastern Massachusetts early in the afternoon.

These are the projected highs for Saturday, May 7, 2016.
These are the projected highs for Saturday, May 7, 2016. —Dave Epstein @growingwisdom
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