Here’s your weekend weather forecast

The affects of Jose continue Friday, but relax this weekend. Summer isn't over just yet.

Tropical storm Jose will continue to influence the weather in Southern New England on Friday, so expect more cloudy, breezy conditions and a chance of showers. The storm is moving west this morning, so we have one more day with its influence. A tropical storm warning is still in place over Cape Cod and Nantucket, where winds today will continue to gust over 40 miles per hour. The seas will be rough, too. This cool air flow keeps temperatures in the 60s for the day.

Winds will continue to be strong today over Cape Cod and Nantucket. —NOAA

Saturday will be warm and mostly dry.

Saturday is when Jose’s influence finally starts to disappear, and its effects clear out of the region. Cape Cod and the islands will continue to be breezy, while interior areas will see the most sunshine. Areas farther north of the city will see the sun arrive in the morning, while areas south may need to wait until the afternoon. Temperatures will be quite warm inland and seasonable along the coast.

Inland areas will reach near 80 on Saturday. —NOAA

Sunday is a beach day.


Temperatures heat up on Sunday. Inland areas north and west of Boston will be well into the 80s. (Across interior Connecticut, some areas will approach 90.) It will still feel like summer through Tuesday. Expect plenty of sunshine and moderate levels of humidity.

Many areas off Cape will be well into the 80s Sunday. —NOAA

Maria may bring back rough seas.

Hurricane Maria is likely going to remain east of the continental United States next week. The track will once again create rough surf and high waves, and New England could even see some beach erosion. Stay tuned for updates on Maria’s track and predicted impact.

Hurricane Maria will move north between the United States and Bermuda next week. —NHC

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