Map: Here’s how much snow has accumulated in Massachusetts

The National Weather Service released a map of snow accumulation in Massachusetts as of 3 p.m. Wednesday.

A woman walks a dog as snow falls at the Public Garden on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service is tracking how much snow fell Wednesday and comparing the actual accumulation to its earlier predictions. 

The service released a map showing snowfall totals around the state as of 3 p.m. While parts of Western Massachusetts have more than 6 inches of snow, most of the Boston area has less than the 2 to 3 inches previously forecast. 

snowfall totals


In a tweet Wednesday afternoon, forecasters explained the difference between the observed snow totals and the earlier predictions.

“Some locations received less snow than expected. Why? Storm was weaker than forecast which resulted in the rain-snow line farther south, colder scenario. However weaker storm = less precip”



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