David Epstein: The sun will be hiding this weekend

Medford, MA -- 2/06/2018 - Mike Mackey, of Belmont, skates past an ice fisherman's set up at Wright's Pond in Medford.  (v/Globe Staff)

Mike Mackey, of Belmont, skates past an ice fisherman's set up at Wright's Pond in Medford, Feb. 6, 2018. Topic: Reporter: –Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe

If this was a summer weekend, I would be disappointing a lot of you. The reason is we are not going to see much in the way of sunshine either Saturday or Sunday. This time of the year weather can certainly affect those of you participating in winter sports, but not quite as big of an impact as it would be in the middle of July.


Clear skies are denoted in black, notice the overcast for Saturday. Credit: COD Weather

On Friday, we find a blend of clouds and sunshine with the clouds tending to win out by the end of the day. Highs will be around freezing.


I’m looking at a few snow showers late Friday night into the first part of Saturday. This is going to be caused by a very weak system, so we’re not looking at anything more than a dusting.

Temperatures on Saturday will be about 10 degrees warmer than Friday, reaching well into the 40s. This will melt much of the ice that’s still on the ground, and you’ll notice a lot of the snow cover disappearing quite quickly by the end of the day.

Highs Saturday will be above freezing in nearly all of New England. —COD Weather

If you’re headed out Saturday night, there will be some light rain falling with temperatures in the 30s. This will create wet roadways but not any icing situations. Across Northern New England it will be cold enough for some snow, and travel will be slower there.

Another storm system approaches from the south on Sunday and brings a period of rain with mild temperatures. It will be a very damp day.

Look for some rain during the day Sunday with a mixed bag over ski country. —COD Weather

Early next week it turns dryer and seasonably chilly. There may be a snow or rain event about a week from now. Of course, it’s still too early to make any bold predictions.


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