David Epstein: There’s more snow in the forecast

The bottom line is that a wintry pattern will continue for a bit longer, but the end is in sight.

Boston, MA -- 3/07/2018 -  A person walks under an umbrella as rain falls in Boston. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)

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–Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe

The strong gusts of wind that will rocket across the area on Wednesday will get a lot of attention, but there’s also more snow in the forecast.

The winds Wednesday afternoon could gust near 50 miles per hour in Boston and higher through western areas of the state. Although afternoon temperatures are going to briefly reach into the 60s, the overall pattern continues to be colder than normal. A cold front later Wednesday will push offshore along with a few showers and, perhaps, even the rumble of thunder. Behind this system it will turn blustery and cold for Thursday’s Red Sox home opener.


March brought several nor’easters with snow to the region, and this pattern is still conducive for more storms into the middle of April. There’s no doubt temperatures are going to remain below average for the next 10 days or so, but how much precipitation falls and how much of it falls as snow is still unclear.

A weather system Thursday night will move to our west, and, because there’s enough cold air in place, it should come as snow, beginning late Thursday and early Friday. This isn’t going to turn into a major snowstorm, but once again a few areas could see light accumulation.


Since the snow will fall during the day, most of the accumulation on the map will come on grassy surfaces and not on roads.

As the precipitation changes to rain Friday afternoon, it will remain quite chilly. A frontal system moves south of New England on Friday night, and another wave of low pressure will ride along it Saturday afternoon and evening. This could come close enough to give us a bit of rain or snow Saturday, but most of the energy for the system should stay away, making for a chilly but mostly dry weekend.


There are signs of another possible coastal storm early next week, and, with enough cold air across parts of New England on Tuesday, any precipitation would fall in the form of snow. It’s getting quite late in the year for significant snowfall, but it’s not completely out of the question that more than 4 inches could fall.

You might be wondering when this pattern is likely to shift. The answer: Just about in the middle of April. By late next week, the jet stream should start to reconfigure itself and allow warmer and dryer air to move into the region. This should bring temperatures which are at, or even above, normal. And it’s still possible that the entire month of April could end up warmer-than-normal if we see a prolonged southerly flow.

The bottom line is that the wintry pattern will continue for a bit longer, but the end is in sight.


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