David Epstein’s Thursday forecast has wet snow—and rain

When you wake up Thursday, it will either be raining or there’ll be some wet snow and rain in the air.

Wellesley, Ma., 04/16/18, Wellesley College students braved the bad weather to cheer on the Boston Marathon runners.
–Suzanne Kreiter / The Boston Globe

Wednesday afternoon felt like spring was actually here, but, once again, we’re going to be thrust back to winter, at least temporarily, on Thursday.

Is the storm system on the way a big deal? The answer is no, but with snow still in the forecast on April 19 it can be a bit demoralizing. You may remember that November turned very cold early, and, because there’s still a chill in the air, that’s six full months where it’s at least felt like winter part of the time.

When you wake up Thursday, it will either be raining or there’ll be some wet snow and rain in the air. If the precipitation comes down heavy enough, it will carry a little bit of cold air with it, and the snowflakes could make it to your windshield or the grass. If there is going to be accumulation, it would most likely be on those surfaces from Route 128 north and west, but especially over the higher terrain of Worcester County.


The rainy weather will affect the Thursday morning, and perhaps evening, commute, with roadways throughout the area being wet all day long.

Although temperatures were in the 50s Wednesday afternoon, there’s enough cold air above us that any precipitation that falls heavily will come down in the form of snow, or snow and rain over the far interior.

Notice on the loop below that rain (green) is occurring mostly south of the Mass. Pike. But there is blue mixed in, even around Boston, during the day Thursday. This means you might see wet snowflakes.


Behind the system, it remains chilly for Friday, with high temperatures only approaching 50 degrees. There is somewhat of a pattern change, however, into the weekend with sunshine and temperatures getting into the low 50s Saturday but the mid-to-upper 50s late Saturday or Sunday.

This should be the start of a nice stretch of weather, probably the longest stretch of dry weather we’ve seen with mild temperatures in quite some time. I don’t see any beach weather coming just yet, but at least the long-range forecast doesn’t have cold weather as we begin May.