David Epstein: When to expect some rain this weekend

After the weekend, Monday looks like a great day with temperatures in the 70s, plenty of sunshine, and comfortable levels of humidity.

Boston, MA--4/30/2018-- A couple embraces under an umbrella as they wait to cross Boylston Street on the last rainy day of April. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)

–Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe, File

You’ve likely noticed temperatures have been on a roller coaster this week, and, on Friday, we’re on the cooler side of that up and down movement. We’re not going to see any precipitation during the day, but, with the wind off the water, temperatures will only be in the 50s along the coast to lower to mid-60s well inland. I’m expecting a lot of clouds, although I can’t rule out a glimpse or two of sunshine.

Saturday has been the focal point for precipitation all week, and, indeed, we are going to see a period of rain. I don’t think that we’re going to have a washout from sunup till sundown. It looks to me like the first few hours of Saturday will be dry, although cloudy and cool. Then we’ll see a period of rain from the middle part of the morning through the mid-to-late part of the afternoon, before it all tapers off to a drizzle. The Red Sox should play. Temperatures will definitely be cool remaining in the 50s to lower 60s.



A period of rain arrives Saturday morning. Credit: COD Weather

On Sunday, we’re back into the warm air, and it’s actually going to be quite humid. I’m expecting dew points to be well into the 60s, which means you’ll have that feeling of summer. Those of you that really hate this type of weather will probably put your air conditioners on at least for a few hours. There will be a few showers and storms in the afternoon, but not all of us will see them. It’s probably a good idea to close the windows Saturday night before the humidity arrives. Since the moisture will disappear later Sunday night, you should be able to keep the cool air in the house.

Monday, of course, looks like a great day with temperatures in the 70s, plenty of sunshine, and comfortable levels of humidity. It would figure that would be the best day of the next several right?


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