David Epstein: What to expect from the weather this Memorial Day weekend

"The weather is going to be a bit fickle over the next several days."

Cohasset- 05/23/18- The town of Cohasset -Location, Location- A woman and child walk along Sandy Beach, which is a private beach requiring a resident sticker to park for the beach season. Photo by John Tlumacki/Globe Staff  Staff(business)
A woman and child walk along Sandy Beach in Cohasset on Wednesday. –John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

The weekend exodus for Memorial Day has begun, and the weather is going to be a bit fickle over the next several days. If you like warm or even hot temperatures, then Friday and Saturday are your days. If you like it cooler, with the air feeling a little more like spring, then Sunday and Monday are for you.

Nice travel weather

Thursday features a beautiful sunny day with temperatures right around the 70-degree mark, although they will trail off in the afternoon along the coastline. Inland it could reach the mid-70s for a few hours between 2 and 5 p.m.

Low humidity

Humidity levels will be low during the day Thursday, and that is going to continue into the first part of Friday before the air becomes muggier and more uncomfortable later Friday and especially Friday night and Saturday. It will be more comfortable again Sunday and Monday.

Turning hot


Temperatures on Friday are going to reach well into the 80s, if not near 90 degrees. With a westerly wind, even Boston will be warm to hot. The highest temperatures will likely be from MetroWest on up through the Merrimack Valley. There will be a lot of sunshine both Friday and Saturday.

It has been comfortable for sleeping the past several nights, but, Friday night, as temperatures will remain in the 70s much of the night and only fall to the mid-60s by morning, it may be a bit tough to fall asleep for some of you.

Saturday is the least comfortable of the next several days with temperatures 85 to 90 and higher levels of humidity.

Cool air arrives

Saturday night cool air will push south from Northern New England.


Credit: COD Weather

As the cool air moves into the area, there is a chance of a few showers, but not widespread rain.

What about rain?

There’s no chance of rain Thursday, Friday, or most of Saturday during the day. The first chance of precipitation will arrive Saturday afternoon, as a few showers and thunderstorms push from the northwest toward the southeast. Not all of us will see these, and I would not cancel any plans, but you should be aware that they could occur.


There will be a lot of clouds and a couple of showers on Sunday, but much of the time will be dry. On Monday, there is less of a risk of showers. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see some glimpses of sunshine and it turns out to be a relatively nice day. It will be comfortable in terms of temperature, with readings into the 60s.

Northern New England is similar, but cools earlier

Many folks will be headed up north to Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont this weekend. The forecast is basically the same, but, during the day Saturday, temperatures will be running in the 80s over southern sections but falling to the 70s and 60s up north.

Lastly, if you are headed to the southeastern part of the country, be prepared for a very wet weekend as a tropical system brings a lot of rain to that area.