Will Alberto bring rain to the Boston area this weekend?

Looking ahead, the first week of June is setting up to be cooler than average.

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–Craig F. Walker / The Boston Globe

Since the beginning of April, we have seen many weekends spoiled with clouds and at least some precipitation. The question on many of your minds is whether the remnants of the storm deemed Alberto and/or other weather systems will combine to give us another less-than-favorable weather forecast for this upcoming Saturday and Sunday.

Alberto really not a factor

The remnants of Alberto can clearly be seen on the radar loop from Wednesday. The swirl of precipitation, moving counter-clockwise, has kept itself together in a fairly organized pattern as the system has moved into the center of the country. Typically, this area might move off toward the east and affect us, but, if you look at the trajectory, it’s moving more north than east. This means that we will miss most of the rain from the system.



Credit: NOAA

As Alberto’s remnants move up into Canada, another weather system is going to be moving east. This weather system will bring warm and humid air up the Eastern seaboard and turn our weather rather sticky for Friday and much of Saturday.


Some showers are possible later Friday and the first part of Saturday. Credit Tropical Tidbits

During this time, I do think there’s going to be a lot of cloud cover and not much in the way of sunshine. Temperatures on Friday will reach well into the 70s and even lower 80s.

Clouds don’t necessarily mean that we’re going to see much in the way of rain. Although there will be plenty of potential moisture, without a lot of energy to help lift this moisture and create showers, it’ll just be a chance of rainfall. On Sunday, that weather system will push off the coast, and temperatures will turn much cooler and humidity will fall. If enough dry air works in from Canada, clearing could occur.

We need rain

While we haven’t had a lot of sunshine on the weekends, it also hasn’t rained very much in the past month, and I don’t see much more coming in the next week. Although there are showers in the forecast, they’re not going to put much of a dent in our dry pattern.



The first week of June is setting up to be cooler than average, a contrast to May. It remains to be seen whether we see any significant rainfall during this time, but I am confident there will not be much, if any, major heat.

Cool weather is likely to start off June. —NOAA