David Epstein: This weekend’s weather isn’t going to be perfect

Let's establish that Sunday is the better of the two weekend days.

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The weekend is once again upon us, and this is the first one post Memorial Day. Some of you may be headed out of town to enjoy the first weekend of June, but the weather isn’t going to be perfect.

Which day is best?

Let’s establish that Sunday is the better of the two weekend days. Although Saturday won’t be a washout, there will be more cloudiness, it will feel muggier, and there’s also the chance of showers. Temperatures Friday will near 80 degrees and stay in the mid-70s and lower 80s on Saturday. It will be mainly dry for those of you heading to Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, both Saturday and Sunday.

It will be warm and muggy Saturday. —Courtesy Tropical Tidbits

Although you’re going to see showers across southern New England in the forecast throughout the next 48 hours, I’m not expecting much in the way of total rainfall. The exception here is the fact that because the air is going to be so muggy Friday and Saturday any showers that do occur could be accompanied by a heavy downpour, and this means localized areas will see more than a 10th of an inch of rain.

Rainfall will be quite light this weekend, but isolated downpours could bring more rain to a few towns. —Courtesy NOAA

Sunday’s weather will bring a blend of clouds and sunshine as dryer, cooler air works in from the north. This will keep temperatures in the 60s, but there won’t be a chance of showers.

Sunday is a much cooler day across the Northeast. —Courtesy Tropical Tidbits

Early next week there will be a storm system with some rain across the Mid-Atlantic. Whether this ever makes it into New England is still questionable. It’s been very dry the past four weeks, so we could use the rain, but I’m not convinced we’re going to see much of it. The GFS model is wet, but the Euro is notably drier. We will have a better idea of possible rainfall for next week later this weekend.

The GFS has significant showers next week. —Courtesy WeatherBell