A nor’easter in June? Yes, we’re getting one.

A June nor’easter is bringing rainfall to the area Monday morning and cool temperatures all day. —Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe

Low pressure developing off the Mid-Atlantic coast and moving through eastern New England will bring a June nor’easter with rainfall Monday morning and cool temperatures all day.

The heaviest rain will fall over Southeastern Massachusetts and the Connecticut River Valley, but everywhere should see at least a little bit of much-needed rain.

The temperatures accompanying this storm are abnormal. The coldest recorded high temperature on June 4, which is only 52 degrees, was set in 1891.

Average temperatures in early June are in the lower 70s, but, remember, our averages are made up of the many extremes we experience on a regular basis.

The reason for the cool temperatures: Our winds are coming off the water. There won’t be a lot of wind with this system, but, along the coast, it will be breezy Monday afternoon as the storm passes by.

This pattern will continue through the middle of the week, with the chance of a couple of showers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sunshine will develop Wednesday afternoon, and that will set us up for a nice three-day stretch.

Why we need the rain


It’s been unusually dry around here in recent weeks. If you read anything I write between about March and November, you know that as a gardener I want regular rainfall — but this isn’t just a gardener talking. Since May 16 there has been limited rainfall, with less than half an inch in Boston. Other areas have seen even less.

The sun is at its highest intensity of the season, and it only takes a couple of weeks of sunshine to dry out topsoil. This is one of the reasons why some lawns are starting to brown. If you’ve planted anything, you should be watering regularly. While the nor’easter might not offer up ideal weather, we should all be rooting for at least some rain.

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