Here’s how hot it will get in Massachusetts on Monday

 —Keith Bedford / The Boston Globe

It’s official — Boston is experiencing a heat wave.

The National Weather Service broke the news Monday, predicting that temperatures for the rest of the week will remain near or above 90 degrees.

“The combination of heat and humidity will lead to heat indices above 95 degrees,” the service said of temperatures in Massachusetts on Monday. “Heat advisory remains in effect for locations away from the coastline. Remember to follow heat safety rules.”

The heat and humidity will continue through most of the week, the forecasters said. But along the coast, sea breezes will help keep the temperatures a bit cooler.

With the heat, Massachusetts residents can expect some rain and thunder as well.


“Dry conditions are expected today, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms for most days through Friday,” the service said. “Relief is possible by the end of the week into the following weekend.”

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