David Epstein: We’re in for more stormy weather this weekend

People walk through the rain in front of the Citgo sign at Kenmore Square. —Timothy Tai for The Boston Globe

Look out for scattered showers and storms throughout the region on Friday and into early Saturday. Some of those could be quite strong, so heed the warnings from local forecasters.

We have two more days of humidity before drier air moves into the region for the latter part of the weekend.

Here’s your detailed weekend weather forecast:

Expect thunderstorms on Friday.

The risk of severe storms is highest today in New England and eastern New York. —NOAA

A cold front is approaching the area Friday, and as we get later in the afternoon and evening, showers and thunderstorms could impact the region. Most of these thunderstorms will occur in western and central New England. Greater Boston will remain sunny for much of the morning and early afternoon, with the chance for thunderstorms arriving after 2 p.m.

The chances that some of these storms reach strong to even severe levels is definitely in the cards. Some of the storms could contain heavy downpours, strong winds, and even the possibility some street flooding. Remember: These storms will be scattered, so not everyone will see this type of weather, which is similar to what’s happened the past couple of weeks. 


High temperatures will be in the 80s on Friday.

There will be high humidity today with readings in the 80s. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Saturday is also unsettled.

The threat of wet weather continues overnight and into Saturday as that front moves farther south. It looks like the best chance of any severe storms will be south of the Massachusetts Turnpike. At some point, most of us will see at least some rain during the afternoon. This system is one of those tricky forecasts where, once the line of storms develops, we’ll have to track it in real time, looking for things like how it stays together and how strong it gets.

There is a chance of storms Friday and Saturday. (COD Weather)

Saturday will be warm with highs in the lower 80s.

Saturday will be warm. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Sunday is noticeably cooler.

Sunday is a different kind of day with a new air mass in place, but because the frontal system is going to be so close to the southern part of the region, there may be a lingering cloud deck over Cape Cod and the south coast. A placement of said front a little father south means a better chance for sunshine. If the front stalls a little more north, then even Boston could see some thicker clouds and the chance for more showers — but no thunderstorms.


I’m not optimistic for a lot of sunshine on Sunday. Highs will be in the low-to-mid 70s.

Cooler air arrives Sunday. —David Epstein / NOAA data

The lack of humidity will continue into early next week, and I think the core of the humid season is done. We’ll have several days of tropical humidity between now and Labor Day, but nothing like it’s been these past few weeks.

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