This weekend will be cooler, crisper, and more like fall

Sheet metal workers from Local 17 took their lunch break in the shade of the trees on Columbia Road next to Old Colony Housing, where they are constructing new buildings.

This weekend will be the first one in a while when we’ll actually have that feeling of fall, especially during the first few hours after sunrise. It won’t be cool, but will it feel more like September rather than mid-July.

The forecasting challenge this weekend becomes exactly how much cloud cover will mix in with the sunshine.

Here’s your complete weekend weather forecast:

Friday begins a couple days of cooler weather.

It will be much cooler Friday. —David Epstein / NOAA data

After a scorching day of record heat and humidity on Thursday, the weather has turned much cooler and drier Friday, and this will last through the weekend. Temperatures are going to be 20 degrees cooler Friday than Thursday. High temps will be in the low to mid 70s.

There is the chance for a few showers in the morning, mainly south of the Pike. We will see improvement in the afternoon with developing sunshine.

Saturday is seasonal and pleasant.

Saturday’s highs will reach the 70s. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Saturday will feature a lot of high clouds, giving the sky a milky sort of look. This will make it feel a bit cool if you are in the shade. High temperatures will reach the 70s.


With the exception of scattered thunderstorms on Friday, it hasn’t rained significantly in over 2 weeks. If you are looking to fix your lawn or move some plants around this weekend, be sure you’re adequately watering them as the ground has become quite dry.

Sunday is the coolest.

High temperatures on Sunday will be in the 60s. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Temperatures will stay only around 65 to 70 degrees on Sunday. There will be an increase in clouds Sunday as the boundary between the dry air and the humid air gets closer.

For the Patriots opener, it will feel like early football weather: not chilly, but not warm either. 

The sun is still formable this time of year, so if you are in the sunshine, bring the sunscreen.

A look ahead at next week:

Dew points will rise into the 70s on Tuesday. —David Epstein / NOAA data

The break in humidity won’t last. The humidity returns by Tuesday, and temperatures will be in the 80s.

All eyes are going to turn toward Florence next week as it continues to move to the west. The storm may eventually threaten parts of the East coast, including New England. We won’t know for several more days whether this threat is real or not, but I would suggest you use this weekend to check hurricane kits and begin thinking about what steps you might take if a hurricane were to hit New England. Many of us are not prepared for what it would be like if a hurricane made landfall here. There is more tropical activity beyond Florence, so it’s not a bad idea to think about this anyway.

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