Welcome, fall: This weekend will be cooler than any we’ve had in a while

Here's David Epstein's weekend weather forecast.

Rachel Wandrei, of Jamaica Plain, enjoys a quiet autumn day at Jamaica Pond.
Rachel Wandrei, of Jamaica Plain, enjoys a quiet autumn day at Jamaica Pond. –The Boston Globe

A cool fall weekend is on tap for the first time this season with ideal temperatures for apple picking, football, and any of your favorite autumn activities.  

Here’s your complete forecast:

Friday will be the warmest of the next few days.

high temperatures friday map
High temperatures Friday will be in the low 70s. —David Epstein / NOAA data

A frontal system to the west will create a southerly flow of warmer, more humid air with a blend of clouds and sunshine. This will be the mildest of the next three days, and temperatures in many places will get into the 70s. You’ll notice the humidity in the air this afternoon, but it won’t be oppressive.

There could be severe weather in eastern New York and far western New England. As the front gets closer, look for a few showers late at night. Many areas will miss them, though.   


Friday is the final full day of astronomical summer as the autumnal equinox occurs Saturday evening.

Fall officially begins Saturday.

high temperatures saturday map
High temperatures Saturday will be cooler. —David Epstein / NOAA data

There can be some showers in the early part of Saturday morning, but, as a frontal system continues to move off toward our east, skies will become partly sunny, and the feeling of fall will grace all of us. There will be clouds, so plan accordingly.

Temperatures will stay in the 60s for much of the day, and there will be a crispness to the air that we haven’t felt much of in a while. It will cool off by the end of the day, so if you have evening plans, take a sweater as temperatures will continue to drop overnight. Many spots will end up in the 40s by Sunday morning.

Fall officially arrives just before 10 p.m.

Highs Sunday will be in the 60s.

High temperatures Sunday map
High temperatures Sunday will be in the 60s, feeling much cooler than we’ve experience in a while. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Last Sunday, temperatures reached the 80s, and it was a great day for the beach. This Sunday will be totally different as the first day of astronomical autumn brings temperatures in the mid 60s with mainly sunny skies.

The shadows are growing longer this time of year, so if you’re in the shade in the afternoon, it will feel a bit chilly.

Next week will be cool, warm, then cool again.

The cool weather will continue on Monday before warmer, more humid air tries to move north for the middle of next week. We should experience a few showers then, too. After this burst of warmth in the middle of the week, it may turn significantly cooler heading into next weekend.