Columbus Day weekend will be cool and mild

Here's David Epstein's weekend weather forecast.

The sun rises over Boston.
The sun rises over Boston. –David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe

It’s Columbus Day weekend, and although not everybody is off Monday, this is a big weekend for a lot of outdoor activities: soccer, football, apple picking, and/or just enjoying the views of fall foliageThe good news is that the weather is going to cooperate for these autumn activities.

New England is caught between very mild air to the South and cool air to the North, and we’ll have a little bit of both these next few days. Here’s your complete weekend weather forecast:

Friday is crisp.

High temperatures Friday.
High temperatures Friday. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Today features a lot of sunshine, a brilliant blue sky, and cool temperatures. Humidity levels are low, and winds may become occasionally gusty this afternoon.

Saturday starts chilly, but turns mild.

High temperatures Saturday.
High temperatures Saturday. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Saturday features more sunshine, lighter winds, and slightly milder temperatures. One thing you’ll notice if you get up early Saturday is how chilly it is — some inland areas will dip into the upper 30s. That may seem quite chilly, but it’s actually right on schedule for this time of year.

The cool weather will help the colors to come on stronger, and there is already some beautiful foliage across Northern New England.

Sunday will be warmer.

High temperatures Sunday.
High temperatures Sunday. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Sunday features a continuation of sunshine, but temperatures will increase back into the 70s along with a little bit of humidity. It won’t be overly humid or anything like that; it just won’t feel as crisp. 

Monday will be cloudy.

High temperatures Monday.
High temperatures Monday. —David Epstein / NOAA data

For Columbus Day, look for clouds and some breaks of sunshine. Depending on the proximity of a boundary between warm and cool air, we’ll see either completely cloudy skies or partly sunny skies. Either way, it won’t be as bright as the previous two days. There could even be a bit of coastal drizzle.

Next week brings a couple of warm days, and we could see more 80-degree weather. Stay tuned.