Here’s David Epstein’s weekend weather forecast

It'll be a windy one.

People walked along the road inside Acadia National Park as the sun came up over Cadillac Mountain.
People walked along the road inside Acadia National Park as the sun came up over Cadillac Mountain. –Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe

Thursday’s chill continues into Friday morning, but milder temperatures Friday afternoon will last through the day Saturday. (I can’t rule out a shower, but at least it won’t be as wet as last Saturday.)

The rowers at the Head of the Charles Regatta will need to be mindful of windy conditions both days.

Here’s your complete weekend weather forecast:

Friday starts frosty, then turns mild.

High temperatures Friday
Friday starts frosty and then turns mild. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Friday morning is the coldest one since this past spring. The growing season is coming to an end for many of us, but right along the coastline, some areas remained above freezing. In spite of a chilly start, afternoon temperatures will get into the 50s, and a few spots will try to touch 60 degrees. Winds will be much lighter than the past couple of days.

Saturday is mild.

high temperatures saturday
It will be typically mild Saturday. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Temperatures will be mild on Saturday, but there will also be a gusty breeze. I expect a lot of clouds and some sunshine with the risk of a quick shower in the morning and again later on in the day. Any shower activity will be quick and won’t amount to very much.

Sunday is cold.

Bright sunshine accompanies chilly readings Sunday. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Sunday will be a bright, cold day with gusty wind at times from the northwest. Temperatures will stay in the 40s for much of the day, if not the entire time.

Raking leaves will be tough because the air will keep moving them around. If the wind is too much, try a pumpkin-spiced something instead of doing yard work.

Next week

It’ll continue to be dry to start next week, but there are signs that a coastal storm could develop toward the end of the week. It’s something we’ll have to keep an eye on.


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