Some inclement weather is en route to Boston. Here’s what David Epstein is predicting.

"Just a run of the mill March rain event."

Boston, MA - 11/13/18 -  Umbrellas were out again in heavy rain on Commonwealth Avenue.  (Lane Turner/Globe Staff) Reporter:  ()  Topic: (14rain)
–Lane Turner / The Boston Globe, File

The first full day of spring brought a chilly sunrise and a lot of cloudiness mixed with sun.

The dry weather will continue through the Thursday evening commute, but there is rain on the way. March thus far has been relatively dry, so even though we’ll see a brief period of heavy rain overnight, there won’t be any flooding issues. In other words, just a run of the mill March rain event.


The rain will start after the evening commute, and, by Friday morning, much of it will be over. There still could be some residual showers as folks are heading into work Friday morning, and, at the very least, the roads will be wet. This can slow things down, so plan accordingly.


You may have noticed the full moon Wednesday night, which means tides are quite high right now. There could be some minor coastal flooding late Thursday night at high tide, but, again, I don’t expect anything significant. Cloudiness will continue throughout the day on Friday along with seasonably chilly temperatures.

This particular rainstorm is going to become mature as it moves into Maine Friday, and this will increase the wind Friday night and especially Saturday morning. As the storm reaches its maximum intensity, the trowal of warm air will wrap around the backside of this low-pressure area crossing southern New England. While this happens in most storms, it’s probably meteorologically the most interesting thing about this particular system. Since it will be cold enough as the trowal crosses, we could see some snow showers even into Boston. I don’t expect any accumulation in the city, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the ground becomes coated west of Interstate 495 and on into southern New Hampshire and Vermont.


If you’re thinking about activities this weekend, Sunday is your pick to be outside. As the storm moves farther into Canada, it will take the cold air with it, and Sunday afternoon I expect temperatures to be between 55 and 60 along with sunshine. This will be a great day to poke around outside and perhaps start some early spring yard work.

Highs on Sunday will reach near 60 in the afternoon. —WeatherBell

Another coastal storm approaches New England for Monday, but it looks to me like the bulk of this will stay far enough south to miss the region. While there could be a couple of showers along the south coast, for the most part, things will remain dry and cool. Overall the pattern appears to be seasonable or even milder than average as we head into the final days of the month and start April.

The outlook to start April calls for a better than even chance of milder than average weather. —NOAA