Here comes a storm — but don’t expect many snowflakes

"The height of the impact of the storm will be during the morning commute on Wednesday."

The winds of Monday are now over, and we are looking at a sunny and seasonably cool day ahead. A rapidly developing weather system will undergo a meteorological process called bombogenesis Tuesday night as it passes to the east of New England.

This term simply means that a storm intensifies very quickly. The storm was gathering strength off the southeast coast early Tuesday.


Most of the rain will fall for about 12 hours from roughly 9 p.m. Tuesday to midmorning Wednesday. It’s not really cold enough for a snowstorm, but, if the precipitation comes down hard enough in the early morning hours of Wednesday, there could be a quick coating of snow. The most likely place for this to happen would be across the Worcester Hills and perhaps even interior southeastern Massachusetts.


Boston could see an hour or two of wet snow, but I don’t expect it to accumulate. Spring snow is notoriously difficult to predict because if the snow comes down hard for an additional hour, there could be an inch on the grass.

However, temperatures are just going to be too warm for any impact on the roads, even in those areas that see a brief coating.

The track of the storm has shifted a little bit over the past couple of days, and, if the storm moves a little farther east, the chances of snow will diminish because precipitation won’t come down as hard.

Right now, expect a quarter to half an inch of rainfall in Boston. That could be less if the storm takes a track farther east or a little bit more if it gets closer to the coastline.


Winds will be a bit gusty late Tuesday and early Wednesday along the coast, especially over Cape Cod and the Islands. The height of the impact of the storm will be during the morning commute on Wednesday, and it could be a slow one based on the current forecast of rain.

It’s a good thing this storm is staying offshore, because the winds are going to reach hurricane strength close to the center.


The storm will rapidly move up into Canada on Wednesday afternoon and clear out of New England. Temperatures will skyrocket from the morning lows in the 30s to between 55 and 60 once the sun comes out.

Another system brings more rain Friday night and early Saturday, but the bulk of Saturday should end up dry even if we don’t see a lot of clearing. Sunday is likely to be the best day of the weekend, with a blend of clouds and sunshine and temperatures approaching 60.