Here’s David Epstein’s forecast for the first weekend of summer

Sunday "is my pick for the weekend."

–Jonathan Wiggs / The Boston Globe

On Friday morning, rain showers move east of the region as a cold front approaches. It’s been very muggy the past couple of days, but that humidity will be swept out to sea this afternoon. I can’t rule out a couple of more showers later Friday, but on balance we’re looking at improving conditions. Temperatures will reach the lower 70s, and there may be some clearing toward sunset. This will be the first of three comfortable nights for sleeping this weekend.

Friday is damp to start, but dry to finish. —David Epstein / NOAA data


As high pressure builds into New England winds will become a bit gusty, especially Saturday afternoon. I am expecting mainly sunny skies, but, if you’re headed into Northern New England, there will be a few pop-up clouds and the risk of an isolated shower. These could spill into our area briefly, but it’s not likely.

High pressure builds into New England this weekend bringing nice weather. —NOAA

Temperatures will reach well into the 70s, except in Northern New England, which will see upper 60s to near 70. The outer Cape Cod area will be cooler as well.

It will be mild Saturday, but breezy. —David Epstein / NOAA data


Here is my pick for the weekend as we will have less wind and warmer temperatures — there’s no risk of any rain showers across New England. The sun will set after 8:20 in the evening, and we will get to see all of it. Humidity will remain low meaning another comfortable night of sleeping after a beautiful day. Tides are higher around 4 in the afternoon if you are headed to the beach. Temperatures will get into the 70s and lower 80s with a few mid-80s possible.

Sunday is the warmest day this weekend. —David Epstein / NOAA data

Next week

There will be some very warm air from roughly New York City southward next week. There’s some conflicting information as to how much of that warm air gets here. We could see temperatures getting back into the 80s much of next week, or we will remain just north of this heat and stay in the 70s.

Above average temperatures are forecast south of New England early next week. —Tropical Tidbits