‘It won’t be as hot to start the week but it will be wet’: Here’s Boston’s weather forecast for the week

“Showers and scattered thunderstorms may produce strong gusty winds."

A pedestrian makes her way through wet streets and tries to leap over puddles.
–Jim Davis / The Boston Globe, File

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are predicted to make the beginning of the week wet and windy, according to local forecasters. The storms could bring one to three inches of rain or more.

“Showers and scattered thunderstorms may produce strong gusty winds,” the National Weather Service said about Monday in a weather alert for eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. “Local downpours may produce urban and poor drainage flooding.”

The risk of flooding continues into Tuesday.

“Risk for thunderstorms will diminish after midnight, but heavy rain will likely continue through Tuesday,” the service said on Twitter.

The highest chance for a severe thunderstorm is forecast for between 6 p.m. Monday and midnight.



The high temperature for Boston on Tuesday is expected to be 72 – the coolest of the week. While both Monday and Tuesday have a 90 percent chance of rain, according to the service, that drops to a 5 percent chance on Wednesday, with no chance of rain Thursday and Friday.

The region could see over an inch of rain Monday and Tuesday, with some areas receiving three inches or more, according to Eric Fisher, a meteorologist with WBZ.

“It won’t be as hot to start the week but it will be wet,” Mike Wankum, a meteorologist with WCVB, said. “Really nice weather arrives Wednesday.”

He said the “heaviest rain” will come after the Monday evening commute.

WBZ meteorologist Barry Burbank said the coming weekend will be “summery” with humidity dropping midweek.