Here’s your weekend weather forecast

John Miller, 58, of South Boston, fishes at Castle Island on Thursday. —Nic Antaya for The Boston Globe


What a gorgeous day. A few showers preceded a cold front on Thursday, and now it’s back to the Canadian air. I am expecting all sunshine with temperatures in the lower and middle 70s. Winds are going to be negligible. If you are headed to the Red Sox game on Friday evening, you might want to take a light sweater.

Friday’s highs will approach the mid-70s in most areas. —WeatherBell


The actual weekend weather looks great with sunshine both days. Saturday and Sunday will however feel differently. On Saturday, there’s going to be a little bit of humidity and temperatures will be approaching 80 degrees. If you want to head to the beach, this would be the day to do it. A cold front will come through Saturday evening, with perhaps a brief shower. Temperatures will be mild throughout the overnight, falling toward 60 by morning.

Saturday is unseasonably warm with sunshine. —WeatherBell



A Canadian air mass will be on top of New England on Sunday. This means more in the way of sunshine, but noticeably cooler temperatures. Readings will stay in the lower and middle 70s. There won’t be any perceivable humidity. Temperatures will cool off very quickly after sunset, and, by Monday morning, we will all be in the 40s. Fall foliage colors are coming on very strong in northern New England and either day is recommended to go check it out.

Temperatures will be cooler on Sunday with low humidity. —WeatherBell

Early next week

Much of the northeastern part of the United States is running a precipitation deficit this month. The relatively dry weather is going to continue through next week with average or above average temperatures. I do see things cooling off dramatically once we get into the second week of October so enjoy this warm weather while we have it.

The warm air will begin to be suppressed south Saturday. —NOAA