‘Stay tuned!’: Boston could see its first snow Thursday night into Friday

"Great amount of uncertainty in the forecast, but still on the table."

Pedestrians cross Atlantic Ave.
–Craig F. Walker / The Boston Globe, File

It could snow in Boston on Thursday night.

We’ll give that a moment to sink in.

The chances of it snowing are still up in the air, however, and have to do with where a “wave” of low pressure forms, and how quickly, according to Frank Nocera, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

But even if Boston sees no snow Thursday night into Friday, Friday’s and Saturday’s high temperatures are forecast in just the high 30s, roughly 20 degrees below the average high of 55 degrees for Boston this time of year, Nocera told Boston.com Monday.

“It’s kind of a mixed bag this week,” he said of the forecast.


Monday could feel warmer than the forecasted high of 51 degrees. That’s because of light wind and sunshine.

Tuesday is projected to be “milder” — temperatures could reach between 55 and 60, but with a chance of rain showers. The service is “not expecting downpours or anything, just enough to dampen the roads,” Nocera said.

“And then Wednesday, sunshine will return, but it will be a little bit cooler,” he said, noting that highs should be about 50. “But again, we should have some sunshine and light winds that will kind of offset those chilly temperatures.”

Thursday starts off with a high of 55 degrees, according to Nocera. 

“There’s a chance of some [rain] showers later in the day, but then at night the rain may change over to snow, especially inland, like Worcester,” he said.

Boston’s chances of snow depend on where and how quickly the low pressure develops, currently placing a question mark over the city’s first snow chances this week, according to Nocera. What’s more certain is that once the low pressure moves through, it will bring cold air for Friday and Saturday.

The high Friday is 38 degrees, Nocera said. Overnight, Boston could see temperatures dip into the mid-20s. Saturday is forecast with a high of 37 degrees, but it will feel colder because of the wind.


Terry Eliasen, a WBZ meteorologist, also said it’s too early to tell if Boston will get snow.

He did say, however, that the weekend will have “the coldest air of the season thus far.”

“Enjoy the next few because winter starts Friday,” Eric Fisher, another WBZ meteorologist, said.

Meteorologist Shiri Spear of Boston 25 News said Friday will “feel like January, not November!”