Snow maps: How much snow is forecast to accumulate overnight into Thursday

It may not be much, but it could make for some slick travel in parts of Massachusetts, forecasters say.

01/08/2019 Boston  MA -A light dusting of snow in Dorchester, on Columbia Road , left footprints, made by pedestrians. . Jonathan Wiggs/Globe StaffReporter:Topic:
–Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Meteorologists are still eyeing a potential snowstorm this upcoming weekend, but in the near-term, forecasters are warning that the Thursday morning commute could be slick in parts of Massachusetts after some snow overnight. 

The “light snow accumulations” Wednesday night are largely forecast across northern Massachusetts, the National Weather Service said

“Most areas in CT, RI on into areas near/SE of I-95 should stay predominantly rain, with rain to mix with snow from Springfield-Worcester-Boston N/W,” forecasters wrote.

Below, six maps predicting where snow could accumulate ahead of your Thursday morning commute. 

National Weather Service:


Dave Epstein:

Boston 25 News:

CBS Boston:



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